The annual conference of the Israeli Design Forum

Tambour, Klil, Caesar stone


Aims and strategy

This is the second year Unicas is chosen to produce and create content for the Israeli Design Forum (Tambour, Klil and Caesar stone).
This forum convenes once a year to introduce innovations, collections and new materials. We set up an innovative display at the center of the room, like we successfully did previously. The display integrated the materials of the hosting companies as well as their trends and state of the art colors.


Unique Services

Consulting// Content curation// Creative management// Production



an amorphous and rich zone full of color and magic. The new materials of the companies were integrated skillfully and brought about the magic that was created in the creation process of the companies.
Some claimed that it looked like a modern version of Alice in Wonderland, but we’d rather give you a free hand in coming up with the context.



This year we decided to harness the magic and wonder for the process of design and creation. As a matter of fact, this is how the convention got its name: WONDER.FULL. Life under the impact of technological developments, digital culture, and accessibility of information turned the creation processes to unpredictable and interdisciplinary. We’re well aware of the constant examination of borders involved in the constant search for the last word.
Hybridization mixes, borrowing and merging of materials, techniques and technologies have all call for a wonderful yet chaotic creative process. The results are inspirational and what one gets is a multidisciplinary experience that is detached from one medium or another.

Unicas 271217 Architects Conference (11)
Unicas 271217 Architects Conference (21)

Display design: Neta Sade// branding: Leora Schirer// photograph: Tomer Foltyn

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