From Sunrise to Sunset

Annual Meeting in Morocco

VIRIDI & Green Enesys


Aims and strategy

Viridi RE Group and Green Enesys Group are international developers pioneering partners in the renewable energy field. The two companies are front runners in the European market, offering cutting-edge energy solutions to support the global transformation of climate neutrality. After successful years of prosperous growth, as part of their annual strategy meeting, they invited all employees from across the world to strengthen the connection and reaffirm their shared core values. Values of tradition and loyalty that come after 10 years of collaboration, alongside the values of creativity and innovation essential cornerstones in the renewable energy field.

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Unique Services

Creative management// Culinary Management// Production



After reviewing the project goals, we explored locations that could deliver an optimal hospitality experience for the client’s sales kickoff vision. We selected Marrakech, a surprising yet strategic bridge between Europe and Africa, representing time-honored traditions and rich culture we aimed to highlight. As the companies focus on solar energy, we created the concept “From Sunrise to Sunset – Embracing Timeless Tradition” to express that embracing tradition and respecting strong roots enables sustainable growth. Marrakesh provided the ideal backdrop, blending locality and cutting edge atmosphere, to host the sales kickoff strategy meeting and workshop. We partnered with local providers to deliver professional solutions while supporting the local economy.


Experiential content

We transformed an art gallery into an inspiring strategy meeting surrounded by local art. During a workshop, managers bonded over traditional cooking classes, creating colorful tagines with renowned chefs. “From Sunrise to Sunset” came alive when guests experienced a sunrise hot air balloon ride and sunset rooftop views after a customized city tour. They visited villages, learned bread baking and weaving, and tasted olive oil. The gala dinner culminated the week with oud musicians, henna artists, open-fire cuisine, and lantern lighting. An energetic dance party continued late into the night at the gala dinner, celebrating under the stars.


Photographer: talenpro

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