From Sunrise to Sunset

Annual Meeting in Morocco

VIRIDI & Green Enesys


Aims and strategy

Viridi RE Group and Green Enesys Group are international developers pioneering partners in the renewable energy field. The two companies are front runners in the European market, offering cutting-edge energy solutions to support the global transformation of climate neutrality. After successful years of prosperous growth, as part of their annual strategy meeting, they invited all employees from across the world to strengthen the connection and reaffirm their shared core values. Values of tradition and loyalty that come after 10 years of collaboration, alongside the values of creativity and innovation essential cornerstones in the renewable energy field.


Unique Services

Creative management// Culinary Management// Production



After receiving the project’s goals and vision from the client, we went on a detailed exploration to find the optimal location with the best hospitality standards that deliver our clients’ vision, and key messages. Marrakech, our selected destination, is a surprising yet strategic choice, provided the perfect bridge between Europe and Africa. Beyond logistics, this storied crossroads represented the harmony of time-honored traditions and rich culture we hoped to highlight. Marrakesh promotes the main part of our message: tradition along with creativity was the best starting point for the complete content agenda.
As the companies are focused on Solar Energy, we created the concept “From Sunrise to Sunset – Embracing Timeless Tradition”, expressing the idea that it’s essential for a community, and a company, to embrace the tradition and respect strong roots for a sustainable growth and prosperity. Marrakesh was the perfect scenery to accommodate the strategy meeting, as well as a large workshop, setting an ambiance of locality along with cutting edge atmosphere. We chose local providers forming a close partnership, delivering for our client the most professional solutions, while supporting the local economy.


Experiential content

There were four components for the 4 full days: Strategy meeting, Workshop, Fun Attractions, and a Gala Dinner. We transformed a beautiful art gallery into a strategy meeting set that inspired professional brainstorming surrounded by local cutting-edge art. The managers, together with renowned chefs, took part in cooking traditional Moroccan dinner class. Everyone bonded over cutting tomatoes, terracotta’s tagine colorfully and delicious ingredients and (a lot of) wine. “From Sunrise to Sunset” came to life, when the guests experienced a mesmerizing sunrise from a hot air balloon over the atlas mountain and saw a unique sunset from a rooftop in the old city at the end of a tailor-made Shouk tour. They got to meet the local communities in the surrounding villages and experience first-hand the local traditional craftsmanship from bread baking, weaving, ceramics fabrication, olive oil preparation, and more. The week culminated in a classy Moroccan gala dinner and party. Oud musicians and henna artists set the welcoming mood ambiance, while open-fire cuisine spotlighted native spices. The formal part of the event concluded by inviting all the guests to light up artisanal lanterns, creating together a bright masterpiece from which each guest took one lighting piece back home. An energetic dance party tearing up the dance floor, during rain or a dip in the pool, nothing mattered, people were celebrating until dawn!


Photographer: talenpro

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