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In 2003 Nespresso set up its sustainability and quality program AAA in which it recycles used capsules. This is an important element in the company’s commitment to saving the environment. Since 2013, the company is stringent about collecting, classifying and recycling capsules made of aluminum so that each capsules gets multiple lives. Nespresso is also ensuring that the recycling potential is reached by directing the aluminum to other industries and turning the coffee sediment into compost.

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We designed an open coffee area for the guests of the Calcalist’s Forecast. In the spirit of the agenda promoted by Nespresso, we adopted its ecological concept and designed the stand accordingly. We managed to provide the guests with a glimpse into the different stages of the transformation process: “from an aluminum capsule into a fertilizer and finally into vine crops”. The design of the domain lent itself perfectly to demonstrating the process that the material undergoes in the stringent recycling process. Additionally we placed a bicycle in the coffee area for generating electricity that was enough for one cup of coffee. This way the guests were amused by the experience and were encouraged to use green energy.



We managed to put our vision of the coffee area into action with the aid of OBA Studio and soon after the beginning of the conference it started to attract the guests and become a focal point. The guests got a hands-on experience and lesson in sustainability while holding a cup of excellent coffee.

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Design: OBA Studio// photograph: Eitan Waxman

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