The annual conference of the Israeli Design Forum

Tambour, Klil and Caesarstone


Aims and strategy

The Israeli Design Forum (Tambour, Klil and Caesar Stone) initiates a festive annual conference for the community of designers and architects in Israel.

Our intention in the production of this event was to bring local work to the forefront and expose the materials, collections and most cutting edge trends to the community in a way that would be enriching and memorable.

At the assembly hall we placed an eye-catching, interactive display that exhibited all the latest innovations of the year rendering a hands-on experience of space design.

This is the fourth time in a row that Unicas is chosen to curate the concept and content, design and produce this riveting conference that hosts 900 of Israel’s leading designers and architects.


Unique Services

Content curation// Creative management// Design// Production



We only leave a mark when we take a stand, form a solid base and return to the basics. This year we decided to make the display by using scaffolding which was mounted by huge sheets made of materials by Caesar Stone,  the paint and plaster were by Tambour and the door profiles by Klil. One color was selected to be featured in the display. The walls and windows were painted in that color which made a strong impact and highlighted the slogan: “LEAVE YOUR MARK”



This year, after analyzing trends in the fields of design, architecture and consumerism we’ve come up with a concept we termed LEAVE YOUR MARK.

The concept of the event was about agendas and by how creators, designers and architects leave their mark throughout the process of creation.

To add an additional interpretation to the concept and enrich the content, we chose Ido Grinberg (one sentence a day) to be the emcee. Ido’s personal story and angle on things made everything more engaging for the attendees.

הפקת ועידות וכנסים

לקוח: פורם העיצוב הישראלי. טמבור, קליל ואבן קיסר

Design: Neta Sade // Graphic design: Anzelevich Studio // photograph: Achikam Ben Yosef

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