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Aims and strategy

For the first time, Google Israel wished to do an offline activity that would utilize its numerous applications.
Google encouraged its end-users to use its applications in a fun and educational way so it continues to be a world leader that is also a one-stop shop.

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Unique Services

Consulting// Creative management// Production



For several months we led an exciting and enjoyable creative process in collaboration with the studios OBA and Oi! where we designed and carefully planned an escape bus for Google.
Itay Herman aka ‘The Chaser’ wrote the riddles and escape options that challenged the audience. The story of the escape room was a rock n’ roll band that got stuck in their touring bus in the middle of a world tour.
As the crowds starts filling the stadium and the stage lights are already on, the band members must solve the riddles and get to the concert on time. After all, music makes the people come together just like applications do.



Unlike productions for events of high-tech companies, creating and implementing an escape room on the platform of a bus that can actually go from place to place posed a major challenge with considerable logistical complexity. Nevertheless, many people, across the country, were exposed to the bus from Ma’alot Tarshikha in the north to Be’er Sheva in the south. Putting the applications to use in order to “escape” an escape bus generated a collective memory among the users, who were happy to spread the word.

Users: 2500 people over a whole month in 17 different cities across Israel.

Google Escape Bus
Google Escape Bus

customer: People and Computers// design: OBA Studio // photograph: Tomer Foltyn

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