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Nespresso Israel


Aims and strategy

2019 introduced a new system of coffee making to the Israeli coffee culture: Nespresso Vertuo.
We were picked to erect a popup venue and activate it for a month as part of an extensive media campaign and a huge buzz.
This was a premium sales promotion project on a large scale that involved operation, commercial management, full business licensing as well as recruiting hosts; all towards achieving the perfect cup of coffee.


Unique Services

Consulting// Design// Production



We sought out to create a different hosting experience, the kind that would define the coffee experience of Nespresso customers. We chose a design style that would usher the client into a world where design leads you to explore new things. We used mirrors, which alter the perspective in which we see, transparent bubbles, which rendered a museum like stage to the cupcaroon. Aditionally, ceiling mirrors allowed the viewer to have a different angle for perceiving the space and the cup of coffee in their hands. A lot of thought was also dedicated to the staff’s attire: an apron, a tie with a special niche for the stunning tailored made teaspoon of Nespresso.



Redefining coffee: setting up an experiential café where the guests would enjoy a full personalization process. The client’s preferred coffee recipe was established at as early a stage as the registration stage!
Later on a branded cup of coffee with the client’s first name and selected size was waiting for him or her by the self-preparation corner.
A courteous coffee adviser helped each guest prepare the perfect cup of coffee using the new machine. In exchange guests were asked to tag themselves in social media and in the small and stunning new store of 45 meter square on the bubbly Dizengoff street.
We managed to enrich the customers’ experience and provide them with an unforgettable souvenir from an engaging marketing maneuver.


design: Guy Feldman and Liat Marom // Photograph: Tomer Foltyn

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