Nespresso Atelier

A taste of Paris

An event for Nespresso customers


Aims and strategy

Nespresso, a leading company in the field of coffee, launches a limited edition of capsules with unique coffee blends each year. The “Taste of Paris” edition offers coffee blends that are inspired by Parisian dessert. We were asked by the company to produce a series of events which are in fact exhilarating artist workshops for its customers in the Atelier format.

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Noor Gallery in Jaffa was turned into Little Paris: each of its zones was designed differently according to the concept we’d chosen.
The main entrance had a stunning display made of balloons which ushered the guests in.
The lecture hall, where the culinary adviser David Kishka gave his lecture, was made to look like a Parisian café.
Tal Spiegel’s artist workshop, where the guests took active part in preparing chocolate perlinas, was planned in such a way that all guests had allocated spaces to prepare their perlinas.
The Pairing workshop of Nespreso’s expert was held in an elongated space with curtains and festive aroma.
A dessert table stood at the heart on the room that was created especially for the even by a cardboard artist.
A patisserie chef kept sending out surprising desserts to delight the customers.



After getting together a team of state of the art designers, makers, culinary personnel and a patisserie chef we set out to conduct three artist workshops. David Kishka, the culinary adviser, led the people through the alleys of Paris to absorb the history and culture of the Parisian cafes.
The pastry cook and instagrammer, Tal Spiegel fascinated the guests with his story @desserted_in_paris and gave tem a hands-on experience of preparing perlinas. The guests also took part in a pairing workshop centered on complementary combinations of superb coffee and desserts that were especially flown in from DALLOYAU bakery in Paris and were packaged individually to be given to each participant.
Alongside the workshops, and over the course of the evening, a dessert table was built with three different kinds of dessert that were made especially for the event and were inspired by the new coffee blends. The result was of course an enjoyable experience, design and culinary.

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design: Amit Farber// photograph: Eitan Waxman

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