Exhibition booth at K-SHOW, Dusseldorf Germany

Tosaf Compounds


Aims and strategy

Tosaf is a major player in the European raw materials for plastic industry, ranking as the second largest company in the market. As part of its marketing strategy, Tosaf invested in an experiential complex at the KSHOW exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company experienced a lull in activity for about two years. However, Tosaf has now tasked our team with creatively conveying a message of sustainability and well-being, as well as launching a new brand with a focus on an innovative TiO2-free white masterbatch.


Unique Services

Design// Production// Supervision



Our design for the Tosaf exhibition stand prioritized the well-being experience by incorporating white coloring and walls of vegetation to create an urban lounge concept. This encouraged conversation and business activity within the 150 square meter, two-floor space. Our design allowed for diverse forms of seating, from intimate 1:1 meetings to multi-participant meetings, all while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and open space management relevant for the post-corona era. The 360-degree approach we took ensured continuity, flow, and a relaxing experience that encouraged interpersonal communication and eye contact from almost anywhere in the complex, all in line with our desired outcome.



Unicas Productions team’s expertise allowed us to create a highly engaging application that elevated the existing graphic language of the booth’s architecture and interior design details. By crafting a concept that prioritized the values of sustainability and well-being, we successfully communicated our client’s branding in a cohesive and impactful space experience. Our meticulous attention to detail, including the use of clean lines and flowing spaces, ensured that the messaging was clear and easily understood, leaving a lasting impression on all who visited the booth.


Photography: Itai Vinord, WUM \ Associate designer: Tsliv Amram \ Graphic design: Yifat Anzelevich Studio

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