Booth at Landscape Architects Conference



Aims and strategy

Ytong Company, promoting innovation in public spaces, wanted to launch a unique interlocking stone at a landscape architects conference. Prior to the launch, we were required to develop a graphic language for the product and create an experience around the booth that would attract visitors and generate buzz around the product. Additionally, the company wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to relaunch its BIM library, which serves and streamlines the work of landscape architects.


Unique Services

Design// Production



The name “Manhattan” perfectly represents the new interlocking stone, which undoubtedly conveys an urban and modern feel. The unique angles of the stone and the innovative puzzle it creates led to the slogan “Innovation that interlocks” — an excellent basis for developing a fascinating and eye-catching visual language.



Producing and designing a booth for an exhibition is a complex process. Creating an experience around the booth, a platform for lead generation, and generating buzz that will make people interested is part of the Brand Experience art we offer. As part of the booth experience and launch, an illustrator station was set up, photographing visitors and creating digital illustrations in real-time on the screen at the center of the booth, which were then sent to participants. Additionally, we created a stunning bar with flavored iced coffee and a candy station that filled the area with a wonderful aroma, turning the stay in the area into a true brand experience. Manhattan!


Photo: Ahikam Ben Yosef

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