Booth at the CES 2020 Technologies Exhibition



Aims and strategy

In its fifth year at the global CES technology exhibition in Las Vegas, Orcam showcased existing products for the blind and visually impaired, as well as a new AI technology for the hearing impaired. To plan the activity and booth, we focused on how the technology impacts millions of lives and emphasized user experience. At this large-scale event, we also highlighted the brand’s development story, technological achievements, and social value to engage the audience, media, and organizers.


Unique Services

Creative management// Design// Production



In developing the concept, we created an innovative tech space that encouraged genuine human interaction. The 360° immersive experience included audience engagement, live demonstrations, a captivating main performance, conversational scripts, visible representatives, and an appropriate social program. The design incorporated gentle, curved acoustic lines and transparent materials, blending textiles and wood, resulting in a unique presence that quickly resonated with the core message: AI For Humans.



We crafted a tranquil oasis in a bustling visitor center, providing an experiential space to explore impactful technologies. An intimate area featured a 270° demo film on a curved screen, introducing award-winning tech. This approach fostered connections with customers, visitors, and media, resulting in extensive exposure and attracting numerous daily visitors during the exhibition


design: twlla //  photographer: protoimages

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