Executive Conference

Pelephone Ltd.


Aims and strategy

Pelephone Ltd. had undergone an internal and across the board process of digitalization and consequently decided to hold a one of its kind, digital conference for the administrators. The conference was to include a display of its abilities and major points of reference in the process to introduce the new projects, generate pride and encourage progress. There are seven divisions in Pelephone, each of which presented three selected projects in an exciting and surprising competition.

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Unique Services

Content curation// Design// Production



We set up an exhibition of 21 leading projects as part of the conference. The challenge lay with accompanying each team, consolidating ideas and giving creative solutions to expressing internal, organizational processes. From the design aspect we built a VOICE OVER app called “Flaxa” that led the audience through means of vocal instruction.



WE DIG IT celebrated the way all the company’s administrators and managers harnessed themselves to create a progressive and effective organizational culture. To come up with the right plan, we sat with the 21 teams and transformed each project into an integrative experience that accurately demonstrated the content.
Arranging the exhibition generated a healthy atmosphere of competition in the company that resulted in feelings of pride amongst the managers. Additionally, we devised a wise plan that allowed the audience to move smoothly through the rooms where all the presentations were displayed.
The participants used a rating system that we’d developed with the company’s engineering division especially for the occasion to add to the general exultation and pride, and when Yuda Levi is acting like Steve Jobs while hosting on the stage, we knew that we’ve made it.

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Design and Creative: Unicas //Photograph: Tomer Fultyn

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