Annual color meeting

A global color trends workshop for color experts

Tambour Group and Global Nova


Aims and strategy

Have you ever wondered how and why certain colors are chosen to be the colors of the year?
What stories lie behind the color palettes?
The Nova Paint Club deals with trends, colors and the stories that lie behind these processes. This intriguing group of individuals from around the world gathers every year to hold brainstorming sessions where they analyze issues related to the environment, health, education, sociology and economy. All these analyses bear insights and guide lines about global trends in the world of color. Yes, just like that.


Unique Services

Consulting// Content curation// Production



Setting out to plan the tours for the group members we couldn’t help but notice that the timing of the workshop was impeccable as it fell on the Jewish holiday Sukkot, so nothing was more befitting than a tour around Bnei Brak during Sukkot.
The group members got to enjoy traditional tastes as part of the Jewish ritual ‘ushpizin’ held in a beautifully decorated sukkah (hut).
From the professional aspect, the participants took part in a unique color workshop in Bet Tambour and the artistic part of the tour took place in the design museum in Holon that showcases international exhibitions.
It was intriguing!



We offered our customers a combination of a local Israeli experience and color workshops that served as an extensive platform for a discourse around culture, tradition, art and color.


photo: Noa Magger

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