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Aims and strategy

SP Industries, part of Inrom Group, is the veteran and leading company in pipes for the construction sector. As part of nurturing relationships with its select customers, the company wanted to create a corporate event that would provide a pleasant platform for strengthening ties with customers in an intimate, personal atmosphere. The event included an experiential fun day starting in the Jerusalem hills and winding down gently at the prestigious Gordon Hotel in Ma’ale Hachamisha.


Unique Services

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We kicked off the morning in the Jerusalem hills, where guests arrived together with their partners.
At Rama’s Kitchen, they gathered for a pampering brunch in a natural, intimate atmosphere which later continued with a jeep tour of the Jerusalem hills.
Towards noon we arrived at the pinnacle of the encounter – the prestigious Gordon Hotel, with many surprises and indulgences.

After a short rest and a gourmet chef’s meal at the hotel restaurant, we continued to an extraordinary performance by mentalist Lior Rohman who managed to excite and surprise time after time.

From there we moved to the poolside open bar until the wee hours.



The biggest challenge at a customer event is that beyond an enjoyable, connecting experience, we also want to create one special moment that will surprise even those who have seen it all. This time we surprised the couples with a moving gesture. Upon entering the event we innocuously photographed the couples, but when they entered the room, they were astonished to discover they had actually been selected as Couple of the Year! A touching memento to commemorate an unforgettable perfect event.

פעילות באירוע חברה
אירוח נופש חברה במלון גורדוניה

Photo: Eitan Waxman

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