A pool party on the roof of the world

Pool Party

Poli Houes Hotel, Tel Aviv


הכנות וחלומות

The enchanting custom of getting together with friends before the wedding has undergone many changes over the years but it maintains its magic. The bride and groom get their friends together just before the big day, to hold and share the excitement that is always there at the occasion itself under the canopy.

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זמן למסיבה

A few friends and relatives arrived to Tel Aviv few days before the wedding day to celebrate. The location that was selected was the Poli house Hotel which was designed by the architect Karim Rashid. The hotel is located in a Bauhaus building that has been preserved. It is characterized by a bold and futuristic design of curved lines and prominent colorfulness. The kickoff to the celebrations of Kim and John’s wedding was at the summer rooftop party that overlooks the bustling crossroad Of Alenby and King George, right at the center of Tel Aviv for pleasant panoramic view of the sea.


אז מה היה שם

So how do you throw an Israeli party for a crowd of Europeans with a strong affinity to Israel? You combine the view of Tel Aviv and good food, plenty of fruit and treats, of course and… falafel. It goes without saying that the evening did not end on that rooftop but this cool bunch of friends carried on until the wee hours of morning exploring the streets of Tel Aviv.

הפקת מסיבות חתונות
מסיבת בריכה בפוליהאוס

Photo: Jan Selektov, Achikam Ben Yosef // styling: Tzlil Amram

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