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The Tambor Group, a long-time leader in Israel’s construction and infrastructure industry, recently implemented ISO standards and green certifications for their products. This shift led to an updated brand book and communication language. Unicas, a creative production agency, was chosen to design the management headquarters in alignment with the new branding, reinforcing the strategic change and fostering a positive employee experience.
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In the process, we developed a unique timeline illustrating the family company’s evolution into a global construction enterprise. Messages of innovation, sustainability, and recycling were integrated into the design to support the brand’s strategy. This interior design brings considerable value both internally and in communicating the Tambor Group’s leadership in Israel’s paint and building materials sector


Conceptual Breakthrough

The challenge in office design is refreshing a working space without disrupting employees. We enhanced the entrance by showcasing Tambor’s story on lit panels and adding matching furniture. Sustainability messages were incorporated in cafeterias, printer areas, and custom clocks for meeting rooms. Wood strips were employed for a natural, functional design, complemented by graphic wall elements
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