A wedding with a botanical chic

Kim&John Wedding

Gioia Mia


Preparations and dreams

Trans-Atlantic weddings are a different kind of challenge, the communication with the couple and family is an important job and when done right, one can feel the peace of mind of the bride and groom on the day of the occasion. When Kim and John shared with us the information about the engagement, we knew it’d be crazy but in a good way.
The entire production process lasted nine months. It involved hotel room reservation, shabat-chatan, a pre-wedding Pool party and of course the wedding itself. The months passed by peacefully and enjoyably.


Unique Services

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Botanical chic was our central concept. Gioia Mia, the garden wedding venue, was picked out thanks to its wide, green garden that overlooks the entire Dan metropolitan area. A huge wall was placed at the entrance of the garden. It was covered by climbers and became the background of many of the guests’ photographs.
The canopy area was decorated with green vegetation that merged harmoniously with the design of the garden. The internal part of the hall was dressed up with hoops of vegetation that were hung from the ceiling and sort of made the space seem lower. There were also animated loops flickering on the screens. The guests received jazzed up menus and were sat around tables with tall table settings that contributed to the botanical chic being resent inside the hall and not just outside.


The day of the event

Friends and family of the happy couple came to Israel to spend some quality time with the couple and start the festivities. The kickoff to the celebrations was in a summer pool party on the roof of the lovely Poli House Hotel at the center of Tel Aviv. From there, everyone proceeded to Shabat Chatan at the hotel.
The wedding day approached and a vigilant traffic of shuttle buses started leaving Tel Aviv in the direction of the Gioia Mia.
The reception was held at the botanical garden of the Gioia Mia where the guests could already absorb the jovial atmosphere. The white canopy with the green crown led the audience to the important and moving moment. Emcee Moran Kariv was in charge of combining traditional Jewish music and modern electronic music by the gifted Mendi Jerufi. The energies were inexhaustible! Towards the end of the evening Itzik Ben David burst on stage with an electronic drums set that excited the crowd till the wee hours of morning.


design: Tzlil Amram // photograph: Tomer Fultyn Jan Selektov// video: Avichai Wexler.

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