Technogym Club 4.0

A launching event for VIP clients

Technogym Israel


Aims and strategy

Technogym is a leading, premium brand, it is the “Bentley” of gym equipment. The company’s products meet the high standards of professional Olympic athletes. The company uses advanced technologies for group training and for conducting a follow up on personal development of trainers from almost everywhere in the world. Every move that they make is highly precise.

Therefore, when Technogym approached us, we were adamant to create an experience that would keep up with that standard.

This is how we produced the launching event of the business 4.0 club, by  putting together a new format of group training sessions that simulate an energetic and advanced training class.


Unique Services

Consulting// Design// Production



We designed an advanced track made up of demo enclosed areas that simulated training classes. Powerful interactions took place among the community members and the atmosphere was professional yet electrifying.

Uplifting, pounding music, precise lighting and direction were featured in every such enclosed area so that the trainees were constantly motivated to start working out.

This way connection was formed with the customers and representatives who mingled dynamically.

The way people moved from one demo area to the next created a superb demo-live experience.

The precise design and planning of the demo spaces enabled a first class professional presentation.



A profound study of the brand and building of inspiration boards based on the most updated gyms, have resulted in the solution of exposing the audience to a circular demo-live. We hired professional trainers and trainees for the demo-live areas, who used the technology in real time and made it a major player in the event.

At the same time we hosted the company’s representative, who had arrived from Britain to lecture about future trends in group trainings.

The balance that was achieved between practice and theory is what we pin the success of the event on, and that balance was made possible thanks to the process of selecting a place and designing the space to contain the entire technological experience.


photography: Efrat Saar // video: Yaniv Mizrakhi

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