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A coffee lounge experience at the Urban Renewal Summit conference

Carasso Real Estate



Prior to their new brand launch, Carasso Real Estate designed an upscale lounge cafe for the 2022 Urban Renewal Summit, located within the Intercontinental Hotel. This move aimed to connect with their audience and unveil their strategic vision embodied by the tagline “Imagine Lifestyle.”
Carasso - event branding

Unique Services

Design// Production



We designed a hospitable coffee lounge with a carefully curated ambiance, encouraging colleagues to enjoy quality coffee and good music together. Featuring boldly-branded walls, the space conveys an inspired lifestyle within the conference setting. A central coffee bar is surrounded by cozy seating areas, and the atmosphere is enhanced by vegetation, sculptures, and complementary styling for an indulgent, visually striking experience.


Conceptual Breakthrough

In this project, we created a unique experiential complex within a standard hotel conference hall. We blended colors and design elements in the structure, furniture, and details like branded chocolates and tagline-printed coffee foam. With a DJ playing lounge music, the space remained active and bustling throughout the conference hours
Carasso - Design
Production // Creative & Design

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