Celebrating 60 years

A birthday to a businessman

Expo Tel Aviv


Aims and strategy

Producing a private even is different that producing a business one yet, there are people whose work is so hybrid that both worlds: the private and business merge into one. In the event “celebrating 60” we asked to tell the personal story of an unusual entrepreneur and businessman: a family man, a people’s man whose business successes have affected each and every one of us.  He is a man who despite his success remained connected to his friends and in one evening sought out to give back to all the people he loves and appreciates.


Unique Services

Content curation// Consulting// Creative management// Production



After an initial introduction we set out to conduct an in-depth inquiry. We built inspiration boards and a rich line up that tells the man’s personal story.  The way the people in the man’s immediate surrounding volunteered to help showed how much they appreciate him.

Yaron Brovinsky was the host and he skillfully led the audience between recorded birthday greetings and live performances of friends and business people who managed to surprise the guests with their vocal abilities. There were plenty of comic moments which had been carefully planned as part of Shmulik Bachar’s direction. Rita gave a brilliant performance with her song “waiting” which was accompanied by video art which left not a dry eye in the house. Later on, the famous mentalist, Lior Suchard, dazzled the crowd with his supernatural entertainment and then after a short break the crowd was dazzled again as the band members of UK’s ABBA Tribute band descended from the ceiling and then made everybody dance well into the night.


The event

About 400 guests from Israel and the world over filled the venue that had an Asian flare to it. There was live music that accompanied the entrance and mingling of the people. From the culinary aspect, everything was absolutely right as directed by Chef Yuval Ben Neriya. At  certain  point, the crowd was let into the seating zone that was designed as a New York bar. The people and the content turned he evening into an event of once in 60 years.

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Directed by: Shmulik Bachar Nice and Noam Huberman // Photography: Bnei Sahar and Ahikam Ben Yosef // Video: Avichai Wexler

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